About Us



Hi. We are Toddler Closet. A family run online store, based out of St. Petersburg, FL.

The story behind Toddler Closet is of us being parents. We, really wanted to run an online baby store, because we loved the moments we handed something to our children that they loved, to see their eyes sparkle and face light up . And because we wanted to avoid the hassle of taking a trip to the kids store every now and then. So, we thought why not share the joy and make others' lives easier too, .

We started this store in March 2022 with a small selection of items that we loved on the internet. We want people to see and get the most trending and helpful items for their babies while ensuring they get maximum value out of their purchase. Our selection of items might be few at the moment, but as we grow, so will our collection, our offers and hopefully your trust on us.

Our Values

We run our store on 3 values: Price, Quality and Trust

Price: We wish to pride ourselves with being among the most price-competitive online stores. So, ever so often, we go through the internet to keep our prices at the best levels .
Quality: The quality of our product will always be good. We promise to sell quality products only, and if you are not satisfied, you can always let us know.
Trust: We aspire to be a trustworthy, no fuss store. We offer 30 days return policy and Paypal as a method of secure payment.

Our Aspiration

We aspire to become a well known name as affordable baby products retailer that does not compromise on quality and trust. And we are sure that your purchase with us today will help us achieve that.


Toddler Closet’s Team